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GudCraft 10W 15W Max Vertical Wind Turbine Wind Generator

Overall Rating (based on customer reviews): 2.9 out of 5 stars
2.9 out of 5 stars

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The specs of ‘GudCraft 10W 15W Max Vertical Wind Turbine Wind Generator’ are:

  • Manufacturer: GudCraft
  • Product Dimensions: 13.9×13.6×6 inches
  • Shipping Weight: 5.8 pounds

Here are some REAL customer reviews:


I purchased this wind turbine because I like the longevity and stability of the VAWT design and because I was looking for a small device that could power small battery packs for use in extended camping. The product came securely packed in foam with…Read more

“yeah, me too, no instructions”

“what’s in the box”? It’s not in the box. I went to the Gudcraft website, and the tech forum guy e-mailed me a PDF on how to put it together. OK, so I put it together, now what? There are 2 PC…Read more

“Cudcraft vertical wind turbine”

Dear GudCraftThis vertical wind turbine was shipped with no instructions for Assembly if a person was not mechanically inclined they would be lost! I put it together. I would like you to send me a schematic diagram of the generator and the regulator…Read more

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Crazy homemade Wind Turbine

On Little Corn Island, off the Caribbean coast of Nicaragua, I found this home made wind turbine made of driftwood and old packing crates working like a charm and generating power for the little eco-lodge behind it.


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Faaaaaaark!? That’s …
By: adropbear09. on 16 Jun 12, 15:49:38
Faaaaaaark!? That’s like a muffed up movie prop.
Who cares about the …
By: Donno191. on 27 Apr 12, 05:20:23
Who cares about the turbine look? at the view !
se ele colocasse …
By: sergioluisdias29. on 08 Apr 12, 04:15:48
se ele colocasse um alternador de 110 ampere ia ter mais? energia
That ain’t my …
By: ThePostal67. on 12 Feb 12, 15:23:52
That ain’t my backyard, darn.?
By: ShiceQind. on 10 Feb 12, 22:24:30
Extremely Cool. Boy …
By: jimdebi991. on 05 Feb 12, 00:16:31
Extremely Cool. Boy what I wouldn’t? give to park my sideshow there 🙂
By: TheServiceWeb. on 12 Jan 12, 02:13:11
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i wouldnt wanna …
By: LOPEZdJUNGLIST. on 12 Jan 12, 02:05:07
i wouldnt wanna stumble near that fucker pissed? up on the beach at night
I love it, this? is …
By: robcoil12. on 07 Jan 12, 12:32:55
I love it, this? is paradise!
By: nitewolf3369. on 02 Jan 12, 18:30:35
By: rebelcriminal. on 13 Nov 11, 19:19:22
Looks a wee bit …
By: cmsracing. on 09 Nov 11, 02:20:48
Looks a wee bit rickety!?
nice place!?
By: peaceofmind169. on 08 Nov 11, 14:45:38
nice place!?
looks like he is …
By: damocsell. on 28 Oct 11, 17:47:44
looks like he is using an old stationary engine as part of the gearing and blade support thats just very cool not to mention its probably still able to lube the internal bearings etc im guessing the piston is removed if it wasnt i think the engine could be rigged as a compressor to run air tools directly in stead? of electrical generation
odd job has? retired
By: sheann81. on 21 Oct 11, 01:46:02
odd job has? retired
Robinson? style !
By: SurvivalSquirrel. on 19 Oct 11, 17:26:58
Robinson? style !
jajaja,? age of …
By: henchzk. on 15 Oct 11, 00:37:56
jajaja,? age of empire X
straight out of ‘ …
By: davidvwilliamson. on 17 Sep 11, 17:06:51
straight out of ‘the admirable crichton’? by JM Barrie
That place is like …
By: PezunaProducciones. on 15 Sep 11, 06:03:37
That place is like VOLTAIC Age, from Myst? III
I? love this video. …
By: windsunvolts. on 01 Aug 11, 20:39:31
I? love this video. simple construction and why waste money on an expensive wind generator in an area that could destroy it anyway. Free abundant energy!
He’s on the …
By: kevjay777. on 11 Jul 11, 20:06:37
He’s on the windward side of the island and so he gets the same wind, same direction all year probably. No need for? a tail and spindle!
This Mon say, No …
By: TheWindGinProject. on 27 Jun 11, 11:22:30
This Mon say, No Tanks! I don’t need no OPEC. I got fresh conch and ice cubes for my? rum.
Redneck? generator
By: Enatbyte. on 19 May 11, 03:04:13
Redneck? generator
Looks kind? of …
By: Nomoreidsleft. on 05 May 11, 04:24:02
Looks kind? of flimsy. How’s it going to survive a storm or worst yet a hurricane?
I’m sorry Wilson! : …
By: skolic85. on 13 Apr 11, 09:39:37
I’m sorry Wilson! :)?