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Wind turbine generators and alternators

Imagine your self creating an alternative power source that can help you save up on electric bills. Your site is perfect and your towers and turbine are all set. The only problem is what kind of generator are you going to use? What kind of machine would be needed to run homemade wind turbines?

Wind turbine generators are the heart of your mechanism. Without it, wind energy from your windmill cannot be properly harnessed. So selecting the right machine for the job is a critical step for achieving optimum efficiency in your operations. The term generator is used for machines that produce direct current. An alternator on the other hand is the term used for machines that can produce alternating current.

There are a lot of available generators/alternators available on the market that can do the job for you but customizing your own is still the best way to go. Even though a lot of generators can do the job, none can be specifically fit to do the task itself. You can end up having problems in the future and you cannot maximize the energy that you can muster out of your turbines.

Research carefully when attempting to construct your own generator. It won’t be a walk in the park but you will see and feel the benefits that in can offer you afterwards. Search online forums, literature and studies to support your quest so that you can learn how to properly build your own.

Some points that you must consider when selecting or constructing your generator are the following. For starters, the start up speed of the generator must be one of the first things you should look at. Conceptualize of a design that can simplify the start up for you, make sure that your machine runs smoothly from the moment its starts up until you shut it off. Speed is another factor that you must not over look. Generators that are suitable for homemade wind turbines are those that can produce higher voltages at slower paces. This immediately rules out your regular vehicle alternator since its function is quite the opposite.

When you choose to create your own generator, you can select between creating a single phase or a three phase generator. A single phase sounds a bit simpler than that of a three phase, but the latter offers more efficiency and it can be better for you in the long run.
You must also think about the adaptability of the generator itself. Since the wind is such an unpredictable force, your machine must be able to withstand its changes. For example, if your machine is unable to cope up with the power that can be harnessed form high speed winds then it would end up overheating your machine and all possible energy that could be gathered would go to waste.

Homemade wind turbines must be carefully analyzed for in order you to run a successful wind harvesting process. Every detail must be thought of and carefully planned. Always give attention to the most vital parts of your machine like the generator to ensure a smooth and flawless run the future.